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CD - Three Times Around The World Upon Your Head

The Bon Future Fund is proud to annouce the new CD release from Alysia Trombla -- "Three Times Around The World Upon Your Head"!

The ancient Tibetan Bon Great Mother mantra arranged in a lush array of vocals, piano and cello captivatingly woven throughout beautiful dream-like songs of prayer.

Click here for CD information, song samples and online purchase information. All proceeds generated by the sale of the CD go directly to the Bon Future Fund.

One may ask," Why help the Bon?"

The Bon are the ancient, indigenous people of Tibet. Their history and culture is vast, and much is still unknown about these remarkable people. The Bon have a unique way of relating to the world as a whole, honoring the sacred in service to all life, as the purpose of education. This creates a seamless connection between inner and outer that makes life a living prayer. The root of education is ''to rear'' by calling forth what is within and bringing it forward. And at the heart of Bon philosophy is a sacred understanding of our relationship to the earth and to the Great Mother of all sentient beings, from which all come and to whom all return.

An endangered people, like an endangered species, is worth saving

The Bon Future Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that was specifically created in 2005 to provide higher education for indigenous Bon girls and boys who as a result of the Chinese invasion, are now living in exile in India and Nepal. Many of these children are orphaned. Many come from families with only one parent remaining. Many, out of a profound act of love, have been placed in the care of the monastery by a parent to insure the child's safety, and any chance for a future. All of these children find their way to the Menri Monastery via a kind traveler, monk, or relative often never seeing their family of origin again.

Under the auspicious guidance of His Holiness Menri Trizin Lungtok Tenpai Nyima 33rd Abbot of Menri, and of all the Bon people worldwide, The Menri Monastery in India, has become the center for the preservation of Bon in its' entirety with education at the fulcrum. Many great improvements have been accomplished since 1967, when the monastery and the surrounding village were recognized and became a registered settlement with the Indian Government. With the help of the 14th Dalai Lama and the Indian Government, a school was created to provide education for the children at the monastery and the surrounding village, up to the tenth grade. After the 10th grade, all children at the monastery and surrounding village make a decision to become a monk or nun or leave monastic life for the outside world. Without the necessary funding, these children do not have the opportunity for further schooling beyond their 10th grade. With financial resources, they can fulfill their destiny to become the weavers and teachers, monks and nuns, artists and doctors who provide the basis for a sustainable community, contributing to a whole world ever in need of hope for the future.

Within the heart of their education is what we in the West yearn to become

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Your tax-deductible contributions have enabled the Bon Future Fund to respond to the need of the Renla Menling Nunnery for classrooms, a workshop space for micro industry, and a modest staff residence. This is an exciting prospect, for it marks the beginning of providing the necessary space for the higher education needs of young girls ... more
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